Engine Cooling & Radiator Service Checks are Crucial

Due to all the parts inside the cooling system that need to be operating optimally, it's extremely important that you are getting routine maintenance done to prevent serious troubles.

The water pump has to be moving coolant from block to radiator, and if it fails, the coolant will overheat. The bearing in the pump and belts all must be working perfectly or issues will result.

The radiator cannot have any obstructions, the hoses have to be in top shape, and the fan must be working to cool the fluids as they pass. Any interruption and the coolant will not be at the ideal temperature to cool down parts.

The thermostat is tiny, but it has a big job. It needs to regulate the temperature and take action, so if it is failing, it needs to be replaced.

Call Lev Kia of Framingham today and we'll schedule your cooling system maintenance check so you never have to worry about these parts failing.
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