All You Need to Know About Winter Tires

When winter comes, it is important to have your vehicle prepared for snow and ice. At Lev Kia of Framingham, we try to help our consumers prepare for harsh road conditions. When it comes time to choose your next set of winter tires, there are three performance categories.

Studdable winter and snow tires are manufactured to provide drivers with maximum traction on ice with an optional metal stud. You can use these tires without the stud for driving on the snow, but it is best to have the stud in place when you are driving on the ice.

You can also choose studless ice and snow tires that are made for the harshest weather conditions. These tires deliver studded-like ice and snow traction without the studs. Performance winter and snow tires are best for areas that have cold temperatures but less snow. Performance winter tires were originally manufactured for harsh conditions on European highways.



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