7 Tips for Roadside Emergency Safety While Accepting Assistance

A roadside emergency can be a scary situation especially when you’re in an unfamiliar area. It can be very tempting to accept immediate help from a stranger when you’re stranded.

Although most people have honorable intentions, it’s still important to follow a few safety tips when encountering a stranger offering their assistance.

  1. Remain in the locked car while speaking with them.
  2. Crack the window enough to have communication.
  3. Ask specific questions to determine if they know the area.
  4. Don’t disclose personal information.
  5. If unable to seek help, ask the person to seek help on your behalf.
  6. Write their tag number down.
  7. Keep someone on the phone while interacting.

Using these tips as well as assessing your surroundings can add to your security and safety during an emergency.

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