This Is What Your Brake Pads Do

Most cars, minivans and sport utility vehicles use a disc braking system. This sort of a system generates a lot of friction when the piston's caliper squeezes the rotor. The brake pads are there to absorb most of that friction. Over time, the brake pads wear out, which can affect your ability to stop safely.

The brake pads are made of semi-metal for cars and lighter SUVs and ceramic for heavier SUVs and trucks. Ceramic lasts somewhat longer, but it is also more expensive. The lifespan of the brake pads also depends on what kind of driving you do, with city driving causing more wear.

Is it time for your car's brake pads to be replaced? Visit us at Lev Kia of Framingham to have them checked. We're also ready to handle your other maintenance and service needs.



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