You usually think of sandpaper as a way to smooth wood and other materials, and insect repellant is used to keep insects away. It's pretty basic, right? But you might not know that there are some unique ways that you can use these items on the headlights of your car to get rid of oxidation that makes headlights yellow and foggy.

The sandpaper method can be effective, but it requires some skill and patience. First of all, you'll want to use coarse sandpaper to sand off most of it. Then, use a finer grade of sandpaper to smooth it out. You have to be very careful when you're doing this, though. It's entirely possible to leave scratch marks behind. Then, you'll have to replace them

The Deet in many bug sprays will also take the yellow oxidation off. But you should use a rag to apply it because Deet can also take the paint off of your car if you're not careful.



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