Lev Kia of Framingham understands how important it is to drive a vehicle that is safe. Understanding the safety ratings given by the NHTSA and IIHS can help you choose a vehicle in Framingham that you can drive with confidence.

While the NHTSA is an organization run by the federal government, the IIHS is a non-profit group that is funded by car insurance companies. They perform tests differently and use unique ratings systems for cars. If you want an exceptionally safe car, find one that scores high with both organizations.

The NHTSA uses a five-star rating system for their cars. Vehicles are subjected to both front and side impacts. Their center of gravity and width is then used to predict the rollover potential. The IIHS uses five different impact tests to rate their cars. Vehicles are then given a rating of Poor, Marginal, Acceptable and Good. They can also be given awards for safety.



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