We enjoy informing drivers like you at Lev Kia of Framingham. Let's talk today about a fascinating and useful automobile feature, auto-dimming rearview mirrors. They help you drive safer at night.

Between dusk and dawn, we have all experienced other drivers' headlights reflecting off our rearview mirror and distracting us. Auto-dimming mirrors solve this problem. They also prevent a related issue, the Troxler Effect or post-glare blind spots.

Also known as electrochromic mirrors, these important items harness multiple technologies. Inside every auto-dimming mirror, you will find a circuit board. It contains a specialized semiconductor that detectors light and converts it to electricity. Almost instantly, that electricity crosses the circuit board and engages the mirror's electrochromic gel. Through oxidation-reduction reactions, the gel darkens, giving the dimming effect. Brighter lights create stronger charges in the unit and cause the gel to darken further. As light diminishes, the reaction subsides, constantly providing optimal vision.



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