Drive Tires to Match the Seasons

Your car gets you where you need to be and protects you from the elements. Return the favor by making sure your tires match the forecast.

People who enjoy mild winters may not understand the importance of winter tires. Also called snow tires, they are made to handle harsh conditions such as extreme cold and roads with ice, snow or slush. These tires have deeper treads and more flexible rubber that allows them to better conform to the road. While that's the best situation for cold weather, it's not ideal for warm temperatures.

Flexible rubber works great in winter but wears out in summer. Snow tires don't handle as well when it's warm, which means less responsiveness for maneuvering quickly. Lev Kia of Framingham understands that switching from winter to regular tires requires time and effort, but it's important to keep you safer on Framingham streets.



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