Because your vehicle's engine is made up of a variety of electrical components, it can be hard to tell what's wrong when the engine won't start. Although many think it's the battery, it could be a sign that your ignition needs to be serviced.

Freewheeling happens when you try to crank the engine and only hear a whining sound. This could mean that the flywheel isn't engaging correctly with the starter gear. In these circumstances, it is imperative to have your vehicle serviced immediately because you may need a starter replacement. A grinding noise is another sign that your ignition may need serviced because the starter drive gear may be worn down. Other signs of a bad ignition may include an oil-soaked starter, smoke coming from the engine, and a solenoid that is malfunctioning.

If you think that your ignition may need service, contact our service center at Lev Kia of Framingham.



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