This Is What Your Brake Pads Do

Most cars, minivans and sport utility vehicles use a disc braking system. This sort of a system generates a lot of friction when the piston's caliper squeezes the rotor. The brake pads are there to absorb most of that friction. Over time, the brake pads wear out, which can affect your ability to stop safely.

The brake pads are made of semi-metal for cars and lighter SUVs and ceramic for heavier SUVs and trucks. Ceramic lasts somewhat longer, but it is also more expensive. The lifespan of the brake pads...

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Rubber or Carpet: Which Choice is Best for You

The available options in vehicle floor mats these days can be overwhelming. The first choice to make is whether to go with all-weather rubber or more premium carpet car floor mats. The right decision should be made by examining a variety of factors including the climate in your area, your hauling and storage needs, the presence of pets or small children, and your desired level of interior luxury and personalization in your vehicle.

The vehicle accessory experts at Lev Kia of Framingham want to make sure that you get the most enjoyment out of your car...
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Preparing for Anything with a Roadside Emergency Kit

There are bad things that can take place while you are driving, and you can find yourself at the side of the road in need of help. Having a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle can help you out in bad situations.

Your roadside emergency kit should include the basics such as flashlights and a first aid kit. Your kit should also include jumper cables in case your battery needs a little help from another vehicle. 

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Avoiding a Tire Blowout is Easier Than You Think

Avoiding a potential tire blowout comes down to putting in a little effort now to identify issues while they are small enough to be addressed and corrected. Here are a couple things to look out for concerning the health of your car tires.

If you notice one or more tires looks like it is low on air, get out your tire gauge to make certain. Low air pressure causes excessive wear in areas that should not be in contact with the road, increasing the chances the car experiences a tire blowout. 

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Engine Cooling & Radiator Service Checks are Crucial

Due to all the parts inside the cooling system that need to be operating optimally, it's extremely important that you are getting routine maintenance done to prevent serious troubles.

The water pump has to be moving coolant from block to radiator, and if it fails, the coolant will overheat. The bearing in the pump and belts all must be working perfectly or issues will result.

The radiator cannot have any obstructions, the hoses have to be in top shape, and the fan must be working to cool the fluids as they pass. Any interruption and the coolant will not…
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Car Battery Service & Replacement

One of the most underappreciated parts of a car is the car battery. Without it, the car is going nowhere fast. That is why our team here at Lev Kia of Framingham want to ensure that you know all of the basics about what your car battery does and how long it usually lasts before it needs to be serviced.

First, the purpose of a car battery is only to produce electricity. This electricity is then used to create a spark which is what ultimately fires up the engine when you turn the key. Most automotive professionals estimate that the…
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Jump-Start Safety Tips

Jumping a car can be extremely useful when you are stranded with a dead battery, but there some precautions to take.

Make sure the cars have their emergency brakes on, and both vehicles and all people are out of traffic. If there is too much traffic, call a towing company for a jump.

You need to know how to identify the battery terminals and cable clamps. The red or plus signed terminal is positive. The black or minus marked terminal is negative. It is the same on the cable; red or plus is positive, and black or minus is negative…
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Advances in Tire Pressure Monitoring Make Your Vehicle Even Safer

Many advances in automotive technology has made maintaining your vehicle so that you can always be driving in the safest vehicle possible even easier than ever before. The tire pressure light on your dashboard is one of those features. But do you know why your tires lose pressure, causing your light to illuminate, in the first place?

There are a couple of reasons that your tires lose pressure. It's possible that you could have a slow leak, but your tires' pressure fluctuates with the change in temperature, as well. As the weather becomes colder, the air molecules contract, causing…

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7 Tips for Roadside Emergency Safety While Accepting Assistance

A roadside emergency can be a scary situation especially when you’re in an unfamiliar area. It can be very tempting to accept immediate help from a stranger when you’re stranded.

Although most people have honorable intentions, it’s still important to follow a few safety tips when encountering a stranger offering their assistance.

  1. Remain in the locked car while speaking with them.
  2. Crack the window enough to have communication.
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10 Great Reasons to Choose a New Kia SUV

With so many excellent choices in Framingham, MA for purchasing a new vehicle, it's difficult sometimes to make a decision. Are you wondering if now’s the time to upgrade to an SUV? There are so many great benefits, and Lev Kia of Framingham wants to help you with this important decision! Here are some of the reasons that you should consider:

  1. More space for you and your passengers
  2. Large and distinctive storage capacity
  3. Better performance during inclement weather
  4. Luxury-style comfort
  5. Excellent for long road trips and vacation travel
  6. Perfect for a growing family and pets 
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